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Biggest Takeaway From My 2018 Season

Three P’s that can change your life

As I sit in my room, pen and paper in hand, I start brainstorming words that changed my life during the course of this past season. Overwhelmed by all of the random thoughts, I began to categorize all the words into three sections. These three words CHANGED MY LIFE and the direction of my career.

Purpose, Perception, Perseverance

I will never forget the gut-wrenching feeling last year, sitting in our Asst. GM’s office being told I was not good enough to make the team. For the first time in my life, I had hit rock bottom; Depression, disappointment, and stress kicked in overdrive and ruled my mind, heart, and soul.

When I look back at what I now consider one of the BEST things that has ever happened to me, I cannot help but to take away a few learning points.

Let me explain how my story ties in with one of my favorite stories in the bible of all time.

Think of the story of David and Goliath; the one we all hear in Sunday School growing up. God saves the Israelites from the Philistines through this little guy named David.

David, an unqualified man by the world’s definition, faced a giant, Goliath. All of this to free his nation from defeat and save the future of the Israelites. But my whole life, I have missed some serious depth in the story.

When I look more into the details there are several interesting parallels that I found similar to my experiences within the past year.