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Can YOU Relate?

As I was scrolling through photos, I ran across this photo that never got the attention it truly deserved! When I sit back and look at this picture, I have chills to think about the support I have had in my career; heck, the support I have throughout my whole life. 

I am the first to admit, It is easy to have days where you get worn out from life's daily duties and feel lonely. All of life adds up and you just are flat worn out. Or the constant let down when things just never pan out in your favor. Those feelings start to magnify, while the supporting cast seems to vanish and is invisible.

Who else can relate? 

In reality, the supporting cast is still right there; the only thing hindering our ability to see the support is our own blinders. We seem to magnify the wrong thing; the truth is they are behind you rooting for you the whole way. 

As I have been in Kansas City for the past month, I have been guilty of letting my mind get distracted in the hotel room alone and have days where I feel like I am fighting for this dream alone, exhausted from the grind of being away from my family, but then I run across this picture and it just fires me up!! 

What was I thinking? That is ludicrous, I have all of you guys behind me! 

We all are connected to this feeling of some sort. I think with 2020, the year of Covid, we all have had more alone time than we need! I have grown to love alone time, but with too much of it, leads to isolation and unhealthy thoughts. I know for me, at least. 

Surely, someone out there that has experienced that feeling this year?

I sure know the feeling of it, but I also know the feeling that I felt when I scrolled and saw that picture with 40 people standing beside me at the baseball stadium! WHAT!!

How could I forget that?

** My wife, family, and friends **

And that is why I want to encourage you! 

You are not alone, we are fighting this together. 

You have a team of people behind you rooting for you every step of the way. If you don’t feel like you do, I will be the first in line to tell you you are made for this!

Your best days are ahead and I genuinely believe that with my whole heart. 

Your influence goes beyond what you see. You always are influencing people by your actions, so go out and smile and love others! 

You can be the reason someone’s day gets better, make an effort to be that reason for someone every day you wake up. 

Chances are, there is someone else out there experiencing the same thoughts you have and YOU should reach out and encourage them. 

Tell them you love and are proud of them. Tell them you believe in them and how much of an impact they have had on your life. 

Just remember, our greatest purpose in life is to serve God, serve others, and bring people closer to Christ.

I love EVERY one of you in this picture. I zoomed in to each of your faces and had a story that brought a smile to my face that I was reminded of. To the many not pictured, I love you! 

Go out and be a light, folks!

With love,


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