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Can YOU Relate?

As I was scrolling through photos, I ran across this photo that never got the attention it truly deserved! When I sit back and look at this picture, I have chills to think about the support I have had in my career; heck, the support I have throughout my whole life. 

I am the first to admit, It is easy to have days where you get worn out from life's daily duties and feel lonely. All of life adds up and you just are flat worn out. Or the constant let down when things just never pan out in your favor. Those feelings start to magnify, while the supporting cast seems to vanish and is invisible.

Who else can relate? 

In reality, the supporting cast is still right there; the only thing hindering our ability to see the support is our own blinders. We seem to magnify the wrong thing; the truth is they are behind you rooting for you the whole way.