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Light vs. Darkness - The Daily Battle

As the season approached in May, it seemed as if I was destined for a great year. I had put together a season that won me a ‘Player of the Year’ award. I put in 18 months of hard work and preparation. I was confident in the work I had done in Spring Training. I was ready to roll to the point I felt I was on my way to Major League Baseball.

Then the season began, and one week of woes turned to two weeks.

Two weeks turned to a month.

Darkness began to approach in the form of a question.

“Why do I suck so bad?”

One month then became two, and during that time I grew absolutely paralyzed by a darkness in a level of self doubt that I’d never experienced.

“Am I good enough? Do I even belong here anymore? What happened to me?”

I knew better than to talk to myself like this, but I couldn’t seem to shake the questions. I couldn’t shake the dark thoughts.


Heck, you’re probably questioning why I’m writing this in the first place. The answer to that lies in how these last six months have shaped me.

Your JOB is to perform as a professional athlete, and to perform, you have to put in countless hours of preparation of weightlifting, speed and agility, hitting, and throwing during the off season.

In this busin