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With almost a week left in my first career professional season, I have so many emotions going through my head. This new transition to Idaho Falls, Idaho has been incredible. I have fallen in love with the beautiful mountains up here, the cool summer weather, and the people I have had the opportunity to interact with.

As I am sitting in my room watching the UAB football team make a historic comeback, I am overwhelmed with thoughts. As I watched the Blazers take the field I couldn’t help but tear up, knowing of all the hard work I put in the last year to be left without getting the reward of running out of the tunnel with all of my brothers.

After a few moments reflecting and taking a step back, I was reminded of a story from the other day that reminded me that God really has me right where I need to be. And I think it may remind you to think a little differently about your situation.

And here’s why:

A couple days ago, the team was stuck in the hotel lobby for two hours waiting on the bus, so I took an opportunity to catch up on my quiet time.

As I opened my Bible and my journal, I had a guy on my team ask what I was writing about. Not thinking much of it, I told him a little about what I do in the mornings and why I do it. He insisted and continued to ask a few questions about WHY I do what I do… and it clicked, this is an opportunity for me to share my testimony and the impact God has had on my life.

As I finished my testimony filled with how God has transformed my life, I could feel the Holy Spirit tugging me to continue sharing the good news of the Gospel. I started to tell him the importance of Jesus and how God sent Jesus to the Earth to save us from our guilt and shame.

After a solid 30-minute conversation, he kind of muttered, “Man I wish I could have that freedom you have.” I said, “Bro, the best thing about it is whenever you put yourself aside and accept who Jesus is in your heart, your relationship with Him begins and everything changes. Simple. The past… gone. The mistakes…gone. The shame… gone. This is covered under the grace and love when Jesus Christ died for YOU. He died for YOU. He forgives, cleanses, and purifies you with a complete heart transformation.”