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My First Ever Topps Baseball Card

Updated: May 2, 2019

Remember as a kid, anytime you got a baseball card, regardless of the significance, you held onto it closely, in the hopes that one day it would be worth thousands? I remember every chance I got I would get a card pack, sometimes at the most random places. From

years of collecting, I accumulated hundreds of cards.

The unique part about this is my card collection joined my dad’s collection that he spent hours collecting as a kid. Something special that has been with him for nearly 50 years.

As I sit back and think back on it, there is no telling what kind of cards we have in there.

There was never a moment when I was collecting cards that I thought I would open a pack of cards and see my face and name on the front.

The dream of playing in the MLB has always been in the back of my head, but when I first was presented with the opportunity to sign a contract with Topps, one of the premiere card brands, I was in shock; I never dreamed anything like that would happen to me!

As I sit in my room, finishing up signing nearly 6,000 cards and stickers, I can’t believe the release of my first ever 1st Edition Bowman Signature Series Card releases this week!

For a good laugh and to show you what goes on behind the scenes, I will give you an insight of what it looks like with me trying to sign thousands and thousands of cards.

During the off-season, I was sent a 46 pound box full of cards and stickers. Being extremely OCD and organized, I was set out to find the most efficient and effective way to do this. Through a few different trial and errors, I found out what works the best.

The gloves were the GAME CHANGER that took quite a bit of thinking. Being a guy that sweats a lot, my hands kept sticking to the cards and the cards would go all over the place. So the simple solution, was to just put some winter gloves on. HA!

And it goes like 👇

  • 🏠 Sit at a clear table in the house that has room to roll around in my office chair

  • 🎵 Turn on some tunes

  • 📦 Grab a box full of approximately 400 cards

  • 🏷 Lay out all the cards in two rows wrapping around the table

  • 🧤 Throw on my gloves (You will laugh at this... I am a weird dude)

  • 🔄 Start making circles around the table

  • ✍🏻 As you sign, someone comes behind you and replaces the card with a non-signed one (fortunately enough, my awesome sister-in-law, Allison helped and cut the time in half)

  • 🎁 Stack the signed cards up, put them back in the box

  • 🔁 Grab ANOTHER box and REPEAT!

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