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Week one is complete!

Seven days ago I left my family, friends, and girlfriend in Huntsville, Alabama to embark in a new adventure with a career in professional baseball. I am currently in Surprise, Arizona playing in the Arizona Rookie League. Tonight we have our first game and I begin my Minor League career. I have had a little shoulder soreness, so I am going to take the week off from throwing, but I will still be able to get some at bats. To summarize the general path to the majors it goes like this: Rookie Ball, Low A, High A, Double A, Triple A, MLB.

This last week has been a definite culture change…

I went from a locker room filled with Americans to a locker room filled with Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Australians, and Venezuelans.

I went from a locker room that speaks English to a locker room that speaks Spanish.

I went from a locker room that has a spiritual boldness to a locker room that majority does not claim Christ.

With all the change, each day I have found myself trying to adapt and learn new ways for me to connect with my teammates. I have a few buddies that have been teaching me Spanish everyday, so we will see how that goes.

Throughout this last week, I have found a variety of people in many different stages of their lives; from 17 year olds walking in, eyes wide open, not knowing what to expect to 30 year olds rehabbing, persevering through injuries trying to make their dream a reality. With all of these walks of life, I have also found people at different spiritual levels. Some claim Christ if I were to ask them, but do not live out the actions God has called us to because it is not “the norm.” Some say there is no God and have nothing to do with Christianity. Quite frankly, both are okay. People are on their own journey with God and I will never win over someone’s heart, but I pray that I can be a guide and asset to help them find the true pleasure of living for Christ.