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There is no greater joy than seeing your mom sitting in the stands watching you play the game you love. From Little League to Professional baseball, the moment you see your mom in the stands at a game you get a little extra pride about yourself.

Fortunately, for me, the last two games I have had my hero in the stands watching me.

On Saturday, my mom flew to Phoenix to come visit for a few days. She got the chance to watch two games and hang out for two of our off days. When she told me she was coming the week before, I could barely stand myself knowing I have not seen her in almost a month. After spending the weekend with her, I was reminded of how good of a mom I have.

So, mom, thank you.

There are so many things that come to mind when I think of you.

I think everyone can agree that your love for the Lord is what radiates the most and everything else follows. From a young age you have taught me what love is. You taught me to first love the Lord with all your heart. I can honestly say, that is the reason I am here today. Second, you taught me to love our family. You told me that when life gets a little shaky, look to your family to encourage and support you. You also taught me to love others. You always told me you never know what is going on in someone’s life and to look for the positives and leave an impact on their life. Lastly, you taught me to love myself. To be proud of what God has made. To be humble and confident in everything that I do. To embrace myself and to accept not just who I am, but whose I am.

Throughout your life you have inspired, encouraged, and motivated all to push past what life throws at you. And I am not talking about all the good; I am talking the hills that you have had to climb. Most people don’t know but my mom was diagnosed with MS 16 years ago. What most people see is a beautiful, motivational, God loving woman; what they don’t see is her battle with her health everyday. Because of her MS, she is easily fatigued, forgetful, and struggles with her strength.

With MS being more than most can handle, you have also struggled with skin cancer, a breast cancer scare, eye surgery, and gum surgery. You truly are a warrior!