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As Mother’s Day wrapped up last week, my dad and I were talking about how big of an impact our mom’s played in our life (this is his first mother’s day without his mom) and how important a mom’s love is for our growth in life.

My dad and I both began to talk about stories from our past and came to a conclusion they display an unconditional love that only a mother can provide to her kids.

Think about it, don’t you remember those awkward middle school times when your mom was the only one telling you how cute you were?

We both started sharing funny stories about how our mothers displayed their unconditional love for us during those years. The years when we knew we were ugly and awkward, had that brutal haircut, or our teeth were going all over the place, yet they still told us every day we were the cutest son and they wouldn’t change a thing about us.

That comforting feeling you have when you get positive affirmation from your mother is because you know how genuine, deep down, and pure her love is.

When you think about moms in this world, they wear all kinds of titles for their family:

Chef (the best)



Uber driver